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Long-range / Deep Drop / Fishing the Shelf

The continental shelf is approximately 80km offshore from Esperance (3-4hrs travel time one-way). The water depth starts dropping from 150 metres to well over 4000 metres where the huge game fish patrol the deep sea. Target deep water species including Blue Eye Trevalla, Gemfish, Hapuka and Grouper. This trip requires a very early start, but we promise it’ll be worth it!

($480 per person, 8 minimum)

Night Fishing
A night fishing charter is exhilarating and rewarding, yet a totally different challenge. Targeting mostly Pink Snapper (Red Snapper and Mulloway are also likely), which are well known for their night feeding. In deeper waters it’s common to find good schools.

Shark Fishing
Targeting Gummy Shark otherwise known as ‘Flake’. These sharks are great eating and put up good fight. Gummy sharks are toothless (hence the name), weigh up to 25kg or more, and are found in varying water depths from 5 to 50+ meters.

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